Estin, the Celestial City, is a giant city built with the finest resources. It is home to the largest and most prosperous temples on the entire continent. The city is run by a council of clerics from the different temples. They manage a small standing army known as “Cloaks”. Their primary purpose is keeping the peace around the city and enforcing the many and sometimes arbitrary laws instated by the council.

Another name for the city is, the city of sin. it is the said the hierarchy of the leadership is rife with corruption. And the disparity between wealthy and poor worsens every year. There are thousands who live in the underground catacombs of the city, hidden from the eyes of the outside world.

Factions of Estin

Temples of Estin

Noble Families of Estin

Formation of Estin

Estin formed over nearly a millennium as different temples settled in the area. The area is rich in fine white stone and other high quality building materials like fine wood from the nearby forests. The river that runs from the Northwest to the West provides water and trade to nearby settlements. On top of that, the area seems to be brimming with divine energy for unknown reasons.

Over time, the different settlements grew into each other and they decided to form a collective government. The council meets on the Isle of the Gods in the Grand Cathedral that was built collectively by the Temple City-States. Each temple built their own expansive crypts, which eventually connected like the surface cities. No one knows just how expansive the crypts are but many go down several levels and there is a constant threat of monster from nearby cave systems.

Estin, The Celestial City

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