Estin, The Celestial City

New Friends

Dear Diary,

Today, I got assigned to a job in Estin. So far away, but exciting! I got to make some new friends, dragon-slayers no less. There’s this wise sage named Eryximachus who has an apprentice who is learning magic just like me. Keld’s much more talented at it than I am though. Not only can he cast spells, but he can do it without a spellbook! Sorcerers are so incredible. Between you and me diary, I"m a little jealous. I wish I had that level of skill. Any moron can swing a hammer, but it takes a real pro to form spells from nothing.

Anyway, I also got to see Diddy again. It has been awhile since she was at the guild hall, so it’ll be nice to hang out with her some more. Actually, it turns out she was the one who hired us. Imagine that! I’ll make sure to protect her during our mission though, as she tends to run into trouble more often than not.

Off to bed! Note to self: try dreaming of spells. Maybe I’ll be able to visualize it better when I wake up.





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