Callicles Viatrix Sem

The reticent Iron Lady - Deceased


Callicles (Cal-lik-kleez) is a physically fit and reasonably built woman who stands at 5 feet 6 inches. She often wears warm colors if not dawned in her usual brass colored medium armor. Her somewhat wavy hair seems spun from deep gold and licks between her shoulder blades when let down. However, her most dramatic feature are her Sunfire eyes which hold flecks of yellows and oranges before they smolder into a deep red around her pupils.

Others have often wondered which came first for Callicles, the eyes or the temperament. It is very obvious Callicles burns with purpose. As a person she is bold, brave, and forthright with a clear understanding of herself and how she wishes to engage with the world. This means that it is extremely hard for others to ever manipulate, intimidate, or bribe her – if they even dare attempt.

Colloquially, she has become known as a hard-ass because of her adamant nature. Though never outright unfriendly, she is definitely slow-to-warm and generally keeps to herself. She would describe herself as an introvert, needing time to be left alone to recharge.

Though there is one companion she has by her side at all times – her Greatsword “The Furnace”. She is unwavering attentive to the care needs of this masterwork and jokes (when in a good mood) that the sword is the only one she could ever imagine loving.

With The Furnace, Callicles seeks everyday to overcome herself. Her physical limitations, her desires, and her fears. Disciplined through and through she is a lifelong student of martial combat. As a Warblade, Callicles is a force to be reckoned with both when it comes to physical combat and battle-ready valor.


The image of the tankard blurred as Callicles allowed her eyes to stare off just past it’s handle. It had been a long while since she casually enjoyed good beer. She closed her eyes and inhaled, letting herself feel her lungs expand her ribcage.

As patrons wandered in and out of the tavern, she sat back to lazily watch.

Before long she was approached by a man who grinned to her with an easy affection. “Cal – letting your discipline slip?” She let out a subtle smile and dismissively waved her hand, “You know I can never truly get drunk.” The man laughed while taking a seat, “Ah yes, your mind is too perfectly forged for you to ever lose sobriety. Is that what you have the kids in your guild believing?” Callicles let her smile slip into a mocking grin as she locked eyes with her friend, “Implying you do not believe it yourself.” This earned a laugh which seemed to admit defeat.

“I can’t deny my heart believes you to be superhuman. But I won’t be tempted by my feelings.”
“You already have been.”

A grimace and then a cough. As the man crossed his arms Callicles was actually tempted to apologize for the bluntness. Instead she bought him a tankard’s worth of the darkest beer in the house. “So, have you a new joke for me Lapis?” The man nodded, eager to get beyond his hurt, “I do. And I find it to be very intelligent. You will like it.” Callicles smiled lightly, finding her opportunity to undo a bit of damage, “I don’t doubt it.”

Lapis sat back and began to tell a story.

“Three desperately poor men sat around a table discussing the success of their sons to distract themselves from the harshness of their own lives. The first man said ‘My son is a soldier. Whenever he goes into a village he can loot and rape as much as he pleases. So he is the most successful’. The second man rubbed his chin for a moment before shaking his head, ‘No, no, no – my son is the most successful. He is a politician. He orders your son into these villages and ultimately is able to have a greater amount of spoils and power’. Then the two men looked to the third man to see if he could manage to one-up the politician son. The third man thought for a moment and then said in a slowed tone ‘My son died when he was three years old. For him, the struggle is over’. After a silence the other two men nodded and agreed that the dead child was indeed the most successful son. All three men laughed together, but were sad.”

Callicles’ face lit up briefly before she let out a hearty laugh. After a few moments she composed herself and looked to Lapis who had been busy appreciating her mirth. “Lapis, I have never felt better understood by someone in my life.” Lapis smiled, taking a sip of his beer, “What approbation. Perhaps you actually are drunk.”

Callicles Viatrix Sem

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