Anytus Sympos

Eryximachus' Father & High Paladin of Heironeous


Race: Human
Height: 5’ 9’’
Eyes: Deep Blue
Hair: Blond
Age: 52

Anytus Sympos was born and raised in the Celestial City. His father before him was a Cleric of Heironeous and Anytus reliably followed in his footsteps. Currently, Anytus is a High Paladin of Heironeous and works as an enforcer for his temple in Estin. This position was offered to him in recognition of his decades of unyielding service. The temple found Anytus to be a true asset since his temperament could be both intimidating to wrong-doers and inspiring to followers.

Through and through, Anytus is a man of faith and carries the Heironeus values of Duty to the People, Duty to Heironious and the Church, and Duty to a Lady both at work and at home. To some Anytus is the paragon of a pious hero.


Anytus’ ambition and potential was recognized early in his career and he was quickly offered a wife. Over time his success brought the Sympos name to the forefront of the community. Within a year of marriage, his wife Elohn gave birth to a son, Eryximachus, who was marked to carry on the paternal traditions of the Herioneous faith. The young and faithful couple was overjoyed and placed many hopes on the child. Elohn finally had the opportunity to become a complete woman and fulfill her matron duties and Anytus would give the Heironeous another follower and servant.

Unfortunately, that son eventually became the unspoken stain on Anytus’ record.

Guests of the Sympos house began to pour away into the evening. Anytus and Elohn saw their friends out, wishing everyone a safe night. Eryximachus meanwhile retreated to his bedroom, eager to decompress from the affairs. Today had been Eryximachus’ sixteenth birthday and he found he was not a fan of being the center of attention. Not that he ever felt he wasn’t in his home. As he shut his door behind him, he secretly wished his mother would have another son soon. Anything to draw her doting attention away.

Exhausted, the youth slipped into his night clothes and gently scratched his chin. His facial hair was beginning to fill out, but for now it just itched. He rolled his eyes remembering the enthusiastic rants of his father who beamed at his son’s growth. He then could only hold his face in embarrassment, remembering the evening. Anytus’ gloating, the various young girls introduced to Eryximachus, and of course his mother’s lessons on what she knew “as a mother”.

But before he could get too lost in rumination, there was a knock at his door. Soon, his mother smiled at him. “Machus…” she began, “dear, you really need to make it a habit to wave guests goodbye”.

The teenager nodded, preparing to be henpecked, “Alright, I will keep that in mind.”

“Good, because you’ll have an opportunity to practice tomorrow!”


“Well, the Lanleers will be staying tonight. They have quite a bit of travel before them so your father and I want to make sure they’re well rested.”


“It would be nice if you especially made sure their daughter Junil left us with a good impression of you”, Elohn smiled, telling Eryximachus her wants. “She’s a very lovely girl, a proper lady in the making.”

Eryximachus sighed to himself, “fine”.

Thankfully, Elohn soon excused herself and Eryximachus was able to collapse into his bed. These days he wished he could just sleep forever. The pressure his family put on him seemed to come from all sides and it had only been getting worse as he aged. With worries clouding his mind, Eryximachus fell into sleep.

However, he was not able to sleep through the night.

Young Eryximachus woke sometime later, feeling like his was sinking. Through the haze of half-consciousness he felt a weight compress his bed. He took a breath and opened his eyes, trying to figure out what was happening. Looking over, he saw someone’s silhouette.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you” a soft voice whispered to him.

“Junil? Righteous hand, what time is it”, Eryximachus asked groggily.

“Late”, the girl giggled, “I just wanted to spend some time with you. One on one. At parties, it’s very hard to get to know someone.”

The boy snarled in the dark, angered to be woken up so this girl could socialize. “Well, this tells me quite a lot about you and your lack of respect for other’s privacy” Eryximachus snapped.

Junil giggled again, “Well I was just curious. You were so aloof today”, the girls shifted, her weight creating a dip in Eryximachus’ bed. As the boy began to wake he became increasingly annoyed and uncomfortable. Though his discomfort outpaced his anger when a hand began to touch his chest, “So I was thinking that maybe you would be a little more willing to connect with someone if there wasn’t a crowd. You’re gaining a reputation among the girls. You know brooding just makes you attractive.”

Eryximachus sat up and deliberately scooted away from the girl, trying to relocate his rage. As he sat up he was better able to see Junil. The girl folded in her shoulders while straitening her back, making an effort to draw Eryximachus’ eyes down her. Instead the boy stared into her eyes, “I want you out of my room”.

Junil pouted, “Now, Eryximachus, I haven’t come here to torture you. I just want us to share something. Something that can be just between us”, she adjusted again, trying to entice the dark haired youth. He continued to show no interest in her body.

“I mean…you are becoming a man Eryximachus. It’s no secret to ladies. The things men want”, her voice lilted into a purr. “And I want to show you before anyone else can that I can be a good lady”.

In the dark, Eryximachus stood up to loom over the girl on his bed. With the moonlight against his back, Junil could not see his face. So she laid back, smiling up at him, assuming he finally understood what she was offering. But soon she screamed, as an ice cold hand roughly grabbed her ankle and jerked with enough force to pull her off the bed. She landed with a thud and was soon struck by another cold hand, as Eryximachus roared in anger.

“You honestly believed I would fall for something so base? You thought you could seduce me?”

Junil gasped, her face aching, “I…I don’t understand, don’t you like girls?”

Eryximachus continued to yell, “I can assure you, I am equally disgusted with everyone in this city. You painted little whore in the making!”

Eryximachus shook his fist at the girl, teetering on hitting her again. But his door soon few open and a voice boomed over the scene, “Righteous hand – Eryximachus! What are you doing to lady Junil?”

Anytus wasted no time to intervening, swiftly scooping up the frightened girl. “You beast of a boy! I have spent years teaching you how to treat the fairer sex. What has come over you?”

Eryximachus snarled, “This little cunt came into my bed while I slept!”

Junil sobbed, turning her face into Anytus’ shoulder, “I’m sorry, I only wanted to get to know your son better. He barely spoke at the party today. I didn’t mean to anger him.”

Anytus glared at his son whose lack of social graces had long been a thorn in his side. “Shhh, little lady, it is alright. I know my boy is very quiet. It’s understandable you just wanted to speak to him.”

Eryximachus groaned, “Father – can you be that naive? She didn’t come in here to talk.”

Anytus roared, “I’ve heard enough from you!”

As people began to wake, Elohn moved Junil away from the scene and spent time comforting her family, assuring them that everything was a misunderstanding. Kindly, Junil neglected to tell her family that the Sympos son has struck her.

Meanwhile, Anytus and Eryximachus argued, as they often did now that Eryximachus was coming of age.

“How can you not see it? The girl wanted to secure her place with me. She wants to marry into our family and ride your coattails. She doesn’t have one care for my – ”

“Can you hear yourself boy? To imagine a woman has that much deviousness. No, no, my son, that is a man’s sin.”

“She is not sinless because she is a woman! How about you get Heironeous out of your ear for one moment and look at the situation. She snuck out of her room. She woke me in the middle of the night. She touched me and violated my privacy.”

“Enough with your pleas for privacy!” Anytus angrily roared, particularly bothered with this point, “Your mother and I have made as many allowances for your privacy as we could. And even so you can’t even pretend to be interested in people during a party.”

“It is my birthday. Perhaps it should be spent the way I would like – not be used as an excuse for you and mother to pair me power hungry whores! And again, how can you continue to see no wrong in what Junil has done. Do you know how…” Eryximachus swallowed, remembering how he felt as Junil touched his chest, “how uncomfortable she made me feel?”

Anytus snorted dismissively, “Oh don’t play the victim, son. She just wanted to be your friend. And you repaid her with a slap. The only wrong is this situation comes from you. I don’t understand what I can do, but for the past year you have been nothing but brooding and negative. I was warned about how things would be with a teenage but you are truly something aberrant. How can you have in you the cruelty necessary to lay hands on such a young and pure thing. Especially being my son!”

Eryximachus began to shut his father out, refusing to say more on the matter. “There is nothing in that girl that is out of place. She is a nice and polite little thing who will one day be an excellent wife to someone. But even in her you can sniff out guile. You know you will always be able to see evil if you look for it.” Eryximachus gritted his teeth angrily, “Perhaps you should turn that observation back on yourself.”

Anytus glared and left the room. He soon returned with the young Junil, who had stopped crying. “Eryximachus, you will apologize to the young lady. As your father I won’t let this injustice stand and Junil will be witness to it.”

Eryximachus merely turned his head and glared out his bedroom window. Anytus began to speak, but Junil interrupted, “It’s fine. Do not be worried any further over the matter Master Sympos. I know your son may be too proud to apologize now…but I know he’ll one day be the pride of the temple just like his father. As far as I’m concerned, the matter is already forgiven.”

Anytus beamed at the girl, instantly won over. Truly, his son was just trying to sabotage the poor girl. “Thank you lady Junil. Here, allow me to walk you back to the room.” As she left Anytus took Eryximachus’ door knob into his hand. He looked back, eyeing his son who still refused to look at him in defiance. “You could take a lesson in grace from Junil.”

The youth said nothing as his Father finally slipped away.

It was not long after that incident fifteen years ago that Eryximachus abandoned his house and home. Anytus pursued, but the boy was never found and the Paladin was left to consul his wife who now saw herself as a failed mother and betrayer of her husband. Word never spread of any sort of abuse against Junil, who later married a different son in the community.

Anytus has not seen his son since that day. But lately, songs about a dragonslayer with the same name have begun drifting about. Anytus has recently been wondering if it was a mere coincidence, or if his son had turned himself around.

Anytus Sympos

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