Cade Tosscobble

Halfling Healer


An average sized halfling with shoulder length straight brown hair. Cade is typically found in white priest robes with the symbol of Yondalla on the front..


Cade grew up in a small farming town outside of Hestaria. He always had a thirst for adventure and joined up with a small circus group that traveled the continent. He focuses on tumbling tricks like tight rope walking. But when he fell from the top one day he had to spend months in bed recovering while under the care of a local cleric. Over his months of healing Cade became obsessed with the teaching so the cleric. He studied every book the healer gave and began practicing simple healing techniques. Once he was fully healed, Cade asked if he could travel with the cleric but was refused. The only response was “people must find their own way. Our paths crossed here but they will not again. Train hard Cade… your time has only just began.”

Cade was confused by the refusal and even more so when the man disappeared the next day. Months went by, Cade continued training while working for the circus. One fateful day though, the caravan came across a body alongside the road. It was the man that had healed Cade. Cade found a note on the body.

“Cade, if you are reading this then my vision was correct. The group that killed me can be found in the mountains to the north. There is an old shrine there. Older than any living person, perhaps there is the answers I know you long for.”

So Cade set out. Several members of the circus came with him on the journey. It was surprising to see how well the skills they learned for their shows could be useful against bandits and beasts. When they finally reached the shrine, the place was controlled by a group of cultists. Something in Cade’s training made him feel the innate evil in the place. He knew he had to stop whatever was happening. The party fought through the cultists and finally made their way to an ancient altar. A cleric was attempting to desecrate the space. A fierce battle ensued but it wasn’t going well for the circus folk. Cade charged the altar to fight the rival priest and ended up getting stabbed in the stomach and fell back on the altar.

Cade never talked about what happened next. But somehow, the others managed to beat the remaining cultists. When they got to the altar, all that remained of the rival priest was a pile of ash and an amber gem. Cade seemed changed from that point. His thirst for adventure was gone. He moved to several different cities serving in several churches before finally settling down in Hestaria. His friends from the circus all separated and went to their own lives elsewhere but still visit Cade when in town.

Cade Tosscobble

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