Calisto Clover

Charismatic Blue Blood with ties to the Fey


Calisto is a tall Half-Elf with a silver tongue and the eldritch powers needed to back up all of his lies and deceptions. His clothing differs based on the role he decides to play in that particular moment. He may dress to impress if attending an important social function, or common garb in order to blend in. He is flippant and places a high value on humor and having fun. He’s not unreliable, but you’d be a fool to trust him.


Calisto was born into one of the most influential Blue Blood families in Estin, the Clovers. As an only child, Calisto was completely spoiled by his parents. With his family’s wealth, they made sure he would want for nothing, at least within the confines of the estate. He was not permitted to leave the grounds without bodyguards, as he parents were terrified of him being kidnapped and held for ransom. The family was too rich and well-known to live a completely “normal” life.

As he grew older, Calisto began to grow bored. The easy life was too, well, easy. He yearned for fun and adventure, the challenge of doing something extraordinary by yourself. So, at the age of 8, Calisto started sneaking out of his parents’ estate and into the city. The escape itself was always a thrill, but it was his time spent wandering the streets that he found most enjoyable. He was free to do whatever he wanted without the watchful eyes of his guardians. He would climb buildings, play with random kids in the alleys, haggle with merchants in the market with money he may or may not have pick-pocketed from other nobles, and prank Cloaks who clearly took their jobs too seriously. For him, Estin was an urban paradise.

However, his wanderlust and curiosity demanded a change of scenery. When he was 10 years old, instead of sneaking into the city, one night Calisto ventured into the nearby forest. He had never been outside the city before, so exploring the woods was a brand new experience for him. It was slightly disappointing though. Climbing trees and chasing wildlife was fun and all, but Calisto was a social child. He needed people to interact with to really enjoy himself. So he decided to head back home. However, he soon realized that he had forgotten the way out of the forest. He was completely lost.

After a few hours of aimlessly wandering the woods, he began to hear voices. He eagerly followed the sounds of civilization. As he ventured closer to the noise, the sound of music and cheering filled the forest. But as he reach the perceived center of the commotion, there was nothing to be found. No people, no band, nothing. It was almost as if the noise was coming from the trees, one tree, in fact! The sounds seemed to emanate from a large oak tree that seemed separated from the rest. Calisto approached the tree and placed his ear to the bark. But instead of making contact with the rough exterior, he passed through the tree as if it didn’t exist, disappearing from sight.

A moment later, Calisto emerged in a clearing surrounded by trees, interrupting what appeared to be a massive party attended by all manner of fey. Sprites, dryads, pixies, etc., all relishing in a moonlit feast and getting drunk on who knows what. A satyr quartet played a lively tune on lutes and pan-flutes. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

As Calisto stepped out into the open though, the band stopped playing and the guests all turned to face the party crasher in utter silence. Calisto froze, unsure of how to react. A taller fey, who had been sitting at the head of the long dining table placed in the center of the forest clearing, stood up and approached Calisto. The human-sized fey, dressed in magnificent purple robes, unfurled a pair of pitch black butterfly-like wings that sparkled like the night sky when the moonlight passed through them. He clearly held some sort of position of importance at this party, perhaps the host, since all of the guests watched his actions closely.

The dark figure stopped maybe a foot away from Calisto and stared him down. Calisto gulped hard, assuming that he was about to be bounced, or worse. Surprisingly, the host did not lash out. Instead, the fey extended a goblet that he had been holding in his hand. The host’s demand was clear: drink this or else. Calisto reached out and took the chalice. The liquid inside was a dark red in color and smelled of alcohol. Calisto let out a mental sigh of relief, as the drink appeared to be nothing more than wine. So, not wanting to offend the host, Calisto quickly downed the beverage.

Calisto soon regretted the action. Tears formed in his eyes and his mouth began to burn. The drink was clearly not wine, at least, not any sort of wine he was used to. Even at the age of 10, Calisto had already experienced a fair amount of alcoholic beverages by persuading/bribing various bartenders around town. But this was like drinking a bottle of hot sauce. As Calisto panted for breaths of cooling night air, the host began to laugh boisterously, followed by all of the guests.

“I’ve never seen anyone chug a Faerie Fireball like that before,” bellowed the host between laughs. “You’re the craziest mortal I’ve ever met… and just the kind of person we want at this PARTY!” The host pumped his fist in the air and the rest of the company cheered. The band resumed playing their song as the host helped Calisto to his feet.

The host escorted Calisto to the table and poured him a smoother alcoholic drink. The host then introduced himself as Lydon, Lord of Laughter and Revelry, an Archfey of the Faerie Court. He explained that Calisto somehow managed to stumble upon one of his famous parties. Mortals are not explicitly forbidden from participating, but none have ever simply waltzed in before either. Regardless, Lydon welcomed Calisto to drink, eat, and be merry to his heart’s content. And so he did.

These faeries’ way of life was exactly what he was looking for. No grandiose ambitions, no noble responsibilities. Just living life for pleasure and enjoyment. He finally had friends who knew how to laugh and have a good time, without a care in the world. He just never expected those friends to be fey.

Calisto proceeded to get drunker than an 10-year old has any right to. He chatted it up with some pixies, wrestled with a satyr, and at one point, joined the band on stage for some impromptu karaoke. The little half-elf boy was the life of the party. So much so that Lydon became fascinated with the boy, finding his exuberance endlessly entertaining. At the end of the party, which seemed to go on for days, Lydon gave Calisto a gift: For being the first mortal to attend one of his parties and keeping up with the rest of them, Calisto was formally invited to join Lydon’s Revelry Court, an honor that also came with the bestowment of a fraction of his powers. The only thing Lydon asked of Calisto in return was that he live his life to the fullest, spread laughter and merriment wherever possible, and, of course, to attend his parties when able. Calisto eagerly accepted.

Time Skip

Calisto spent his teen years just like his younger days, half-heartedly obeying his parents’ rules and tutelage during the day, then sneaking out at night to attend every party, soiree, gala, and bash he could find. The latter became increasingly easy as he learned how to tap into his powers. Secretly charming bouncers and bartenders became somewhat of a hobby.

It wasn’t long before he started to gain a reputation. If Calisto wasn’t at a party, it wasn’t a party. He began receiving hundreds of invitations to various functions from all over high society. Though his parents were originally displeased that their son spent most of his time frivolously, they gave up trying to stop his escapades. They saw them as opportunities to make powerful connections for the family.

However, as time went by, Calisto started to become bored again. The parties were fun, but the thrill of crashing them was gone. What’s the point if you’re actually invited? So, Calisto stopped going completely, which angered a great many people. It was seen as a slight against the hosts by not only Calisto, but the Clover family as a whole. His parents were furious with him, ordering that he party once more. An odd request from one’s parents, but a serious one.

Calisto refused. You cannot order someone to party. It goes against the very nature of the thing. So, in a fit of rage, his father banished him from the grounds until Calisto agreed to follow their rules. This was hardly a punishment to Calisto. He quickly gathered up his things, making sure to pack his signet ring and scroll of pedigree. He didn’t care for his family much at the moment, but he knew proof of his lineage could come in handy. With that, he left the Clover Estate and ventured forth into the city, a completely free man.

Calisto would travel through Estin and beyond, staying at taverns and inns along the way. Wherever he happened to stay that night, he brought the spirit of revelry with him, leaving behind empty mugs and new friends. During this time, Calisto honed the powers granted to him by Lydon. He mostly used them for harmless pranks to make people laugh or otherwise loosen up. However, not all of its usage had been peaceful.

One particular evening, a gang of thugs busted into a tavern in which Calisto had recently ordered a round of drinks for the crowd. Everyone was having a good time until these miscreants showed up. The leader demanded that everyone turn over their gold or die. Calisto could see the terror and fear around the room. How dare they ruin our good time, thought Calisto. Though he was angry, Calisto calmly approached the gang. Smiling, he asked the leader to politely call off his threat and join them for a round of drinks, on him. The innocent people in the tavern looked shocked at the offer. The boss, infuriated at the perceived joke, ordered him men to attack. At that moment, Calisto’s smile faded and his expression turned inhumanly fierce. The nearby thugs dropped their weapons and ran in terror, as if an aura of pure fear emanated from Calisto. The rest charged him, swinging their swords wildly. They made contact, but Calisto appeared uninjured. Instead they all dropped to the floor with apparently frostbite on their hands and faces. Calisto turned to the leader and offered him one last chance for that drink. Enraged, the boss lunged with his blade. In response, he received an eldritch blast to the face, dropping him instantly. After resolving the incident, the party resumed without further interruption.

Calisto Clover

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