Carolus Rex

Silly Tank and Lover of Love


Carolus Rex is a physically imposing man. He stands at 6’ 4’’, has large hands, and a muscular and well trained frame. His figure is also well decorated, giving him a mildly bohemian look. Braids, beads, and feathers lay among soft tufts of his wavy brown hair which lick around his face and the tops of his shoulders. This accompanies many interlocking and differently styled tattoos which adorn parts of his back and shoulders. One particularly tribal pattern even wraps around his shoulder, peeking out from under his armor (which is also decorated with Pelor inspired art). Also, there are noticeable weaves of metal fixed beneath the skin of his forearms – a sort of armor he gained from a southern culture. He vacillates between letting himself have facial hair and in what style.

Despite the intimidating potential of his imposing frame, Rex can often be seen wearing a contented grin or a warm smile that reaches his soft honey-hazel eyes. His face is very expressive, and he often talks with his hands.


Born and raised in Hestaria, Rex was always running his loving mother and father ragged. Rex had been a hyperactive sort, bursting with bright energy. It was not rare that he was up early in the morning, happily chirping sing-songs to the various inanimate objects in the home or urging his parents to wake up and say good morning to Pelor. Even as an adult, Rex is noticeably more energetic and enthusiastic than many.

This energy led Rex to intensely crave activity. Loving physical pursuits, he would hound people around town for odd end labor jobs. Once he was old enough, he began to pursue the Sublime Way. Absolutely in love, he trained hard, finally feeling like he wasn’t so bottled up all the time. Sweat and physical exhaustion are a true natural pleasure for Rex.

But Rex is a man of many other sorts of natural and innocent pleasures, a lot stemming from his own temperament. A multifaceted and humorous man, Rex fully acknowledges his silly, serious, feminine, and fearful natures. By being able to have compassion for all of himself, he believes he can engage the world in a compassionate and accepting way as well. He is a great lover of good times and empathy and believes fully in the power of togetherness. He is also extremely food motivated which is nice because that incidentally brings people together a lot of the time.

To sample this sort of joyful togetherness consistently, Rex has traveled the world as a helping hand or flute for hire, connecting and getting to know the many peoples, races and cultures this great and wonderful world contains. He one day hopes to adorn his entire back with connected tattoos, each inked in a distinctive art style belonging to a given culture. In his days, Rex has learned both how to play the flute and sign language (a great compliment to his expressive face). But, ever the momma’s-boy, Rex is sure to make regular trips home to see his family and friends. At the moment, his home base is with his beloved brother-in-arms, Lapis Hardis.

Rex’s hand jumped to his mouth, holding back an agonized scream as he gently closed the door behind him. His pinky toe had just hit the frame of the entranceway to Callicles’ room. Why? Oh Pelor, why did he not wear shoes?

As he gently sucked in air through his teeth to recover, Rex grinned as he remembered what was soon to be before him. For weeks he and Callicles had talked about beef. A rare beef. Taken from the body of a well-nurtured cow that had spent its life grazing on the exotic grasses of a far off island. Shipments of such beef only came to Hestaria once in a blue moon. And finally, such a shipment had come.

Quantities were limited. Only 1 pack per household could be taken. In this particular humble home, there lived three friends: Lapis, Callicles, and Rex (who was still in transition…) So, whose name would be on the order? Whoever got there first. And Callicles, oh Callicles in all her cold-blooded tactical crafting had gotten the order. And she hoarded it!

“Lapis doesn’t like Denrey beef. So he was not competition. Only you were. If you wanted it so badly, you would have beaten me there. Welcome to the real world.” Rex frowned as he thought over tone. She was so icy, such a cold, cold human being. But fine. If Callicles wanted ruthless competition and out maneuvering to be the real world – let it be the real world!

Finally, Rex laid his hands on the slow-cooker tucked away in a corner of Cal’s room. All day it had been cooking… and now it was ready. Rex sneakily pulled out a plate and fork he had brought from the kitchen and began eating the most forbidden of fruits. He nearly cried as the minutes passed. It tasted better than his dreams could ever attempt to articulate.

But then, the citadels of his solace fell as the door swung open. Callicles had decided to come home from her training early to savor the treat she had prepared. There was a moment. A small glitch, where time stopped. Callicles’ eyes were wide in shocked horror as they met Rex’s which held a similar expression. Rex could feel his throat dry up and his heart began to race.

Callicles’ face formed into a ferocious snarl. As her teeth began to show, Rex weakly held up a shaking hand as if to beg for mercy. But Callicles wasn’t one for mercy. So instead, Rex collected his composure. Feeling so full and slowed, he burped and let his hand drop to his stomach.

“Do what you must. I have already won.”

It was his first concussion.

Carolus Rex

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