Eldeth of Starklen


Hill Dwarf, Paladin, Folk Hero

Sisters of Mercy and Justice

Eldelth grew up in the clan of Starkeln living among the rolling hills. She grew up in a loving home. Her father was a black smith, and her mother made and sold jewelry. She was an only child but her family was close with others in the clan. She had many friends she considered her brothers and sisters. Her parents taught her both trades and as she got older she used them to support herself.


About 125 years ago, when she was 56, she saved her clan from a dragon. It became one of the most famous legends in the land. She was delivering an axe order her father one chilly afternoon. Something was looming in the air but no one could put their finger on what it was. And there it was. The dragon that had been threatening her clan for weeks. The elders had been deliberating on how to defeat the dragon but he caught them by surprise. He was coming for what the clan would not give him. Gold. He was belligerent and wanted to kill anyone in his path. Eldeth saw the dragon coming in the distance. She froze. No one else had seen him coming. She thought to herself she could run and hide or fight for her clan. There wasn’t enough time tell anyone. She grabbed the two axes from the order and ran towards the dragon. The drive to save her clan took over her sense of fear. She didn’t know what she was going to do but she had to save them. Just as she was in range of the dragon, she through both axes, hoping they would they would hit somewhere to cause a hard blow. She was in luck. The axes hit the dragon square both his eyes. He fell to the ground, fire spewing from his mouth. Eldeth ran up to him and grabbed one of the axes bulging from his eye. She hit him with another striking blow on his neck. The dragon raised his head and bashed Eldeth and she flew through the air, hitting a tree, knocking her out.

Eldeth’s world went dark for what it seemed like seconds. She opened her eyes. Her head thumping with pain. She looked up and elders from her clan were standing all around her. “The dragon!” she yelled.
“He’s dead. You killed him!” one of the elders praised her.
“I… How….,” Eldeth couldn’t get her thoughts out.
From there, she was asked to join The Sisters of Mercy and Justice for her act of heroism in saving her clan.

She still doesn’t know how she killed the dragon.

Eldeth of Starklen

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