A Half-Elf Healer and Archer


Erelil is a petite half-elf, standing at 5’2, with auburn hair, bright green eyes, and a shy smile. She wears elven mithril armor, and appears to have a grace about her as she moves. She wears a silver necklace with the symbol of Ehlonna, an Elven goddess. She carries the bow of the Golden Archer, an ornate bow fashioned out of a unique metal.

Erelil has some skill with the longbow, but her true passion lies in healing. She always wanted to help others, and has aspired to be a healer since she was a child.

She is intelligent, graceful, passionate and kind. Sweet and innocent, she is a good person down to her core. She is both excited and nervous to begin her adventures with the White Dragons Guild.


Erelil was born to an Elven mother, Eglaneth, in a small Elven village. She never met her human father, who always remained a mystery to her. Her mother never spoke of him. Erelil grew up among the elves, in a culture with strong reverance to nature, and ideals of peaceful community.

As a child, Erelil was very playful and curious, and often got into trouble for running wild and being places she should not be. As a half-elf among full-blooded elves, she found it hard to connect with her peers, and often felt like she didn’t belong.

At the age of 14, Erelil began studying magic under the tutelage of Gaebrith, a wise elf for whom she has a great respect. Erelil loved learning, and devoted herself to studying magic, with the goal of becoming a healer. She dreamed of one day, moving to a city and working as a healer for an adventure guild. To help in the pursuit of this goal, she began studying archery, and gained skill with a longbow.

After 6 years of study, at the age of 20, Erelil set out to the City of Hestaria to join the White Dragons Guild, and fulfill her lifelong dream.


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