Erik Windarion

Vile Blackguard


Tall, muscular, and clad in black full plate with a red demon painted on the front. He has a black daikatana strapped to his back and blades along the forearms of his gauntlets.


Erik once trained with Lyle when they were younger. Both were talented paladins. Lyle followed the teachings of Kord but Erik was drawn to Hextor. The pairs different focuses actually suited them to working together. Lyle focused on defense and healing while Erik was raw power. They became big names in Hestaria shortly after becoming adventurers. All was great until a mission drove a wedge between them. Only the two of them had gone on the mission and only Lyle returned. Lyle never told anyone what happened on the mission. Over the years Erik popped up at scenes of great violence, sometimes fighting for the “good” side other times the “bad”. But it was clear something had become twisted in the young man. Erik eventually popped up alongside Asmodan and defeated Lyle in combat, severing Lyle’s arm with a blade enchanted with vile magic. Erik has not been seen in 10 years following the failed ritual.

Erik Windarion

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