Gabriel Gray

CG Paladin (Shield of Trithereon)


Str 18
Con 16
Dex 15
Int 14
Wis 16
Cha 16

AC 19 (chain mail, shield)
HP 38

DMG 1d8 (Longsword)


Being orphaned as an only child at a young age by a fevered plague, Gabriel was taken in by the local church (Divine Freedom) in a small southern section of Hestaria. Father Osiris had been a lifelong family friend of the Gray’s and owed an honorable life-debt to Gabriel’s father, William.

Gabriel had strong faith, but was also very strong-willed. While he was plenty capable in his studies, Gabriel showed his true talents in playing games of sport with the other children. He grew up secretly loving the art of swordplay, and would practice everyday with a stick.

Shortly after his 14th birthday, Gabriel went shopping at the local market, and he happened upon a younger girl who was being screamed at by a man in a suit of armor. “Stupid girl! You can’t do anything right!” The man screamed as he slapped her across the face. The local townsfolk looked away. Gabriel was appalled at the sight of this and attempted to intervene. “Stop!” he screamed at the man in the suit of armor. “She’s just a child!” The man paused for a moment, looking Gabriel up and down, then erupted in laughter. “What’s some punk like you gonna do about it?”

“Leave her alone. I’m warning you.” Gabriel said, pulling a stick from his belt as if drawing a blade from a sheath. The armored man laughed again “Are you really challenging ME to a fight, kid?” Gabriel didn’t waste another second. He charged at the man in armor and swung the stick, but the man was ready. He absorbed Gabriel’s blow with his side, then struck Gabriel across the shoulder with the sheath of his sword. “If this were a real fight, you’d be dead already.” The man exclaimed as Gabriel fell to one knee from the impact. “Not yet!” cried Gabriel as he swung the stick again, this time hitting the man in the face. This angered the armored man enough to draw his sword from his sheath, “You need to be taught some manners, kid.”

“No, I think you need the lesson in manners, sir.” says a man in a dark purple robe, trimmed in silver. “Father Osiris! What are you doing here?” Gabriel asks. “I forgot to tell you to pick up some eggs while you were here, Gabriel, so I decided to come join you. It would appear that Trithereon has smiled fortune upon you today.” The armored man charged Osiris and swung his sword. Father Osiris easily dodged the blow and countered with a blow of his own, a hard hit to the knee with the sheath of his sword. “I think you need to say a prayer to Trithereon, begging his forgiveness for your oppression of these children.” The armored man stands up and attempts to lunge at Osiris again, and once again is put to his knees by a stroke of Osiris’ sheathed sword. “Perhaps prayer and asking for forgiveness are beyond you, sir? Or have you learned your lesson for today?” Osiris asks. The man in armor mutters “sorry.” “Don’t tell me, tell THEM.” says Father Osiris, pointing at Gabriel and the girl. The armor clad man looks at the two children and says “I’m sorry.” “That’s better. Now move along with your business and leave us be.” Osiris says. The man in armor scuffles away quickly.

“His name is Sir Frederick of the Black Flame.” the girl explained. “He and his band of mercenaries came from Falen. He was paying me to be his guide around Hestaria. They were looking for information about someone from around here. Someone named ‘Sir Galahad’ I think.”

Father Osiris paused for a moment “Hopefully they don’t come back.” Osiris hands the girl a piece of gold “Be more careful next time. We might not be around to help then.” The girl stares wide-eyed at the piece of gold for a moment, smiles, and takes off. “Sure thing mister! Thanks!” Gabriel then finds himself to his feet. “Sir Galahad, eh? Never heard of him. Have you, Father Osiris?” Osiris stares down at the hilt of his sword, clutching it tightly and rubbing the triskelion that adorns the hilt with his thumb. “I am Sir Galahad, Gabriel. Osiris Galahad, First Shield of the Order of Trithereon. If they’re looking for me, then something foul is afoot. Here, let’s go home. Your training starts tomorrow.” Gabriel blinks widely “My training?!?” Osiris smiles “Yes. You showed great strength and courage in the face of danger. You stood up to oppression when no one else would. You’re just like your father. It’s time you started on your path to become a champion of justice, a true Shield of Trithereon.”

Osiris began pouring his knowledge and wisdom into Gabriel. They trained daily, and Osiris made sure that Gabriel never slacked with his studies. Days turned to weeks. Weeks into months; months into years. They never heard from the Order of the Black Flame again, until…

Two days after Gabriel’s 17th birthday, Gabriel had been out shopping for goods for the church. He came home to find Divine Freedom set ablaze. Several heavily armored bodies wearing gray tunics with black flames on them were strewn about the courtyard. “Father Osiris!” Gabriel called out. A grunt came from beside a tree near where the road to the next town connects to the courtyard. “Are you hurt Father Osiris?” Gabriel asks. “Take the sword.” Osiris commands. “Be the light of the world. Protect the innocent. Destroy the wicked.” Gabriel kneels down next to Father Osiris and grips the sword. “I shall honor you, Sir Galahad. In Trithereon’s name, I shall have vengeance!” he exclaims as the last breath of life leaves Father Osiris.

Gabriel packed his things and headed out into the world in search of the Order of the Black Flame. After several years of searching, Gabriel found himself just outside of Falen, former home of the Order of the Black Flame. He happened upon a grouping of tombstones, all granite with engravings of flames upon them. Searching the tombstones reveals an anti-climactic ending to Gabriel’s 3 year journey. “Sir Frederick of the Black Flame” is among the dead buried here.

Outraged and confused, Gabriel began to curse Trithereon’s name. How could the God of Retribution allow Gabriel’s vengeance to be robbed from him? Gabriel fell into a deep depression. He went out to the nearest oasis and set some shallow roots. Why was all of this pain brought upon him? First his parents, and then Father Osiris and their home. What is the Order of the Black Flame planning? What did it all mean?

Seven years have passed since Gabriel began to contemplate these deep thoughts. Having not found answers in his solitude, Gabriel feels drawn back into the world. Maybe the answers are out there to find?

Gabriel Gray

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