Gaebrith Runvanta

Elven Archdruid


Gaebrith is old even for Elf standards. Nearly 800 years old, he shows many signs of old age such as a stooped back and wrinkled face and hands. He wears a robe of forest vines that seem to magically wrap around him perfectly. He carries a 5 foot gnarled branch of tree that is said to have come from an ancient tree that was planted at the beginning of the world.


Being so old, more has been forgotten about Gaebrith than what is remembered. Over the centuries he has fought in wars both big and small, been part of several different adventuring parties and even served in a guild of Hestaria that is long since died out. Currently, he lives out what is assumed to be his final century serving in the elven city of Quehara tending their mother tree and raising the young elves in the teachings of Ehlonna. Gaebrith has had many meetings with important figures in the world including the previous king of Hestaria and even Lyle Windarion.

Gaebrith Runvanta

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