Keldamen Gethran


Keld is a young man in his late teens. He wears very simple attire, rough spun robes with sturdy leather boots. He has bright orange hair down to his shoulders but it’s rather frizzy. He also has pale white skin with freckles all over his face. He is just under 6’ tall and is very skinny and not particularly muscular. As of late, he lost his right arm during his adventures.

Keld has an odd mix of confidence and insecurity. He also seems oddly guarded about his past letting only one thing slip over the year he’s been involved with the adventurers.


Keld grew up somewhere in the vicinity of Estin. The only detail he’s revealed of his history is that his powers awoke at age 13 and he had set fire to his family home. In response, his family sent him to train with an unknown wizard. Sometime later, he heard of Eryximachus Sympos and sought out the Dragon Slayer to train him. Despite the odds, Eryximachus took Keld under his wing and the pair have been adventuring together ever since.

Keldamen Gethran

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