King Hector Genasa III

The King of Hestaria


Young, mid twenties often seen in regal attire (cape, fancy clothes and the like) but often tries to wear lesser clothes when possible. He is really skinny but athletic so there is some muscle to him that you only notice when you are close. Otherwise he looks weak and unassuming.


Hector was born the second son to the last king and it was never assumed he would take the throne. But his older sister (who would have taken the throne) died of an unknown illness that was resistant to divine magic. While foul play was suspected, no evident was found. His father resigned 2 years prior to the campaign as a result of early dementia at the age of 65.
He has been known to sneak into the city in disguise more than once. But where he goes and what he does is a mystery.

King Hector Genasa III

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