Lapis Hardis

Aspiring Armorer


A young man with broad shoulders and thick corded muscles from hours spent on the forge. At work, he wears a leather apron with a belt for tools and tight clothes. Elsewhere, he tends to wear plain wool clothes with no distinguishing characteristics so as to fit in. He has short black hair and a hard skinny face with crystal blue eyes.


Orphaned at a young age due to a small plague that swept the city, Lapis was forced into one of the few orphanages in Hestaria. As he aged he learned many hard life lessons about the perceptions people have of people of low birth. Lapis usually uses humor to cover his emotions and will crack a joke before revealing his true feelings. Eventually, he was apprenticed out to a smithy and took to the trade like a fish to water. Lapis seems drawn to danger, or maybe people who seek it.

Lapis Hardis

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