Larien Ninim

An Elven Ranger


Larien is 4ft 9inches tall and is 150 years old. She has long brown hair that she keeps in braids. She keeps twigs in her braids to remind her of her favorite places and times in her life from her home woods. She has pale porcelain like skin and bright green eyes. She wears studded leather armor that moves with her. She has a elegance and poise about her, and looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. But she is skilled with her sword and dagger.

Larien loves being outside, climbing trees, caring for nature, protecting her village and those who she is with. She knows basic survival skills and knows how to hunt. She has a child-like curiosity about her. She likes to pretend she’s on a grand adventures as she protects her village.

Larien doesn’t have many friends. She would rather be alone in her own little world of grand adventures. She has a hard time trusting people, rather she likes to pretend she doesn’t trust people. It’s her defense mechanism she puts up because she feels she’s been betrayed by those whom she has let in. Regardless of her feelings, she will do what is right and good, and protect those around her.


Larien loves her home. She has spent her whole life there. She was brought up by her father who was a ranger. She has a few memories of her mother from when she was little. All she remembers is that her mother was very beautiful and she walked out on Larien and her father. Larien was never told why her mother left or where she went. It caused both her and her father too much pain so they never talked about it. Her father taught her everything he knew about being a ranger. When he pasted away, Larien took over her father’s duty of protecting the woods her Elven village.

Before Larien’s father’s death, while they were out on a hunt they found a wolf pup following them. The pup watched and followed them back to their home. Larien saw him hiding outside their home days later. Her father brought out food and he came to them. They ended up raising the wold pup, naming him Morchant which means shadow. Morchant is Larien’s closest companion. He follows, protects, and shadow’s Larien where ever she goes.

Larien Ninim

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