Macarus Sympos - Deceased

anytus younger brother and eryximachus uncle


Macarus (Ma-ka-russ)

Race: Human
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Very fair blond/ silver

Prominate feature: Smile line around his mouth and eyes


Extroverted and extremely socially intelligent, Macarus Sympos lived a very simple, people oriented life. Despite being an utterly normal adult, Macarus had grand dreams of adventure and power as a boy. The Sympos family had a history of begetting people with draconic magic. His older brother, Anytus, had failed to manifest ant other the rumored traits such as scales or a cold touch. In Macurus’ mind this meant he of course would attain this power.

However, manhood came and settled with no emergence of such magic. Disappointed, but not defeated, Macurus went on to study magic at Kenta for a time, aiming to become a wizard. However, he soon got bored with schooling and irritated by the blatant arrogant racism in Kenta and dropped out.

After affectionately bothering Anytus for a time he wandered around, helping people when able and avoiding trouble at all costs. This came to an end when heard of the birth of his nephew, Eryximachus Sympos. Delighted by the extension of the family, Macarus visited repeatedly to dote on the child. It was from these visits Macarus came to decide on what he would do with his life.

At the age of 25, Macarus began working at an orphanage a bit away from Estin. By 27 he managed it. Full of gentle and warm enthusiasm, Macarus settled and mentored many children of many ages throughout his life. This eventually included his nephew, who even came to live with him for a brief time.

Macarus played an extremely important role in Eryximachus’ upbringing, acting as a calm and listening confidant to the boy as he grew into a teenager. The increasing tension between Eryximachus and Anytus worried Macarus and, before long he acted as a benevolent diplomat between the two. Macarus recognized that the pair had very different temperaments and smoothly negotiated between them. He gave Eryximachus thoughtful respect and distance, while giving Anytus measured and confident advice in how to handle to somewhat sensitive teenager.

Unfortunately, Eryximachus came to resent the fact that he was stuck in Estin with Anytus as a father, even bluntly saying so in an argument with Anytus. After the shock, Anytus couldn’t help feel bitter towards Macarus’ advice. One day, losing his temper, Anytus told his younger brother very firmly that Macarus’ attempts at parenting his son would no longer be tolerated.

Enduring through the hurt feelings, things eventually settled into relative normalcy between the Sympos family members. Macarus still visited, but stopped acting as an intermediary.
This was the family’s relationship until the end. One day, during one of Macarus’ visits, the family ate dinner together. It was a happy scene, with Macarus telling stories about the kids back at the orphanage and cheerily dreaming of the day he would find a good woman as Anytus had and having a family of his own. After a few jokes from Anytus, even Eryximachus smiled at the table.

As dinner progressed, Macarus suddenly felt fatigued. Eryximachus lifted his head, feeling worried as his uncle began slurring his words despite not drinking. Attempting to get up from his chair, Macarus stumbled before falling to the floor. As Anytus went to his side, he found his younger brother to be dead. Eryximachus was 13, almost 14 at the time. It was his first experience with death.

No one ever figured out how Macarus had died.

Macarus’ death threw the family into grief and eventually tension. Eryximachus’ anger towards his father seemed to gain a renewed ferocity and the two fell back into arguing on a regular basis. About two years later, Eryximachus abandoned his home.

Macarus Sympos - Deceased

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