Meloditty Blumble "Ditty"

A cheerful gnome bard


Meloditty Blumble, or simply “Ditty,” is a Gnome Bard. She stands at a mere 3’1, and has tan skin. Her fair light brown hair is cropped short and sticks out in every direction in short spikes. Her most notable feature is her big, broad smile, which pushes out her round cheeks and makes her bright green eyes squint up in merriment.

Ditty is energetic, excitable, and playful. She knows stories relevant to most situations, and loves to share them! She loves being the center of attention, and she is frequently singing or humming, even when not performing. She values creativity, feeling the world is in need of new ideas, and she loves seeing the smiles on people’s faces when she performs. She loves spreading joy to people through her music. However, because she is so cheerful all the time, she has trouble being serious.

She plays the lute, flute and pan flute. She also sings, dances, and casts spells to enhance her performances and delight audiences. Her most treasured possession is her lute, which was a gift from her father, and it reminds her of home. She feels a bond with other travelling bards, who she has encountered in her journeys throughout the years.


Meloditty Blumble was born in Bumblebla, a faraway bright burrow in a hilly wooded land near a mine with precious gems. This happy home is filled with happy gnomes in a small close-knit community. Ditty’s mother is a healer who showed her how to tend to wounds and administer medicine from an early age. Her father is a tinker and inventor with a passion for music, and he taught her how to play her instruments. She had an uncanny talent for music, and soon found that she was able to use that music to inspire others, alter moods and even cast cantrips and spells. Ditty learned gnome folk songs from her father, and she began writing her own songs and stories.

Ditty had a happy childhood, and remained in her family home until the beginning of her adult life. While she was growing up, she helped her mother tend the sick, helped her father with his tinkering, and sang and performed for her family and friends in the burrow. Few visitors ever came to their small community, but one day a travelling bard came to share her music and stories. Anastrianna, an elf bard, sang songs of heroes of old, and Ditty was enthralled. She hungered for more stories, and when Anastrianna left the burrow to continue travelling, Ditty went with her. At the age of 42, Ditty left home for the first time.

Meloditty spent the next 10 years as a travelling bard, travelling from town to town and city to city, seeing new sights and sharing her gift of music wherever she went. She began her travels alongside Anastrianna, who served as a mentor. Ditty learned hundreds of new songs and stories, as well as tricks of the trade to successfully secure food and lodging and earn a living.

Ditty parted ways with Anastrianna, and spent the next several years travelling solo. In her travels, she met other bards and swapped songs and stories. Then she met Darvin, a young human man with a talent for music who was eager to travel. Ditty befriended Darvin, took the young man under her wing, and the two travelled together and performed side by side for 5 years.

After 5 happy years as a double-act, Darvin met a beautiful innkeeper girl and fell in love. He stayed in the city with his new bride, and Meloditty was once again on her own.

Meloditty Blumble "Ditty"

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