Ryuunosuke Kurosawa

A Master of Willpower in Training


Ryuunosuke stands about 5’11", wearing all black. A tight sleeveless tunic covers his considerable muscles, and he wears loose pants and a balaclava pulled up over his nose. A long black and violet scarf is looped around his neck. His thick black hair is disheveled, and his black eyes hold a twinkle.

He’s always got a grin, sometimes mischievous, and bears a large Dragon tattoo along his left arm. He carries a scimitar and a short sword at his side and a collection of items in various pouches or folds in his clothing.


Ryunosuke Kurosawa, but call him Ryuu.

Ryuu was born in Hestaria in the poor district. Ryuu’s father left his mother right after his birth to look for work, due to a famine and recession in the city. He never returned. Ryuu was raised by his mother until she died when he was nine. Tossed out onto the street, Ryuu fended for himself, joining gangs and fighting off others, until he was picked up by Sensei Wu. Sensei Wu had something of a reputation for collecting rambunctious boys and teaching them to master their inner will.

While in Wu’s Dojo, Ryuu met another young boy named Kai. Initially they were furious rivals, constantly fighting. Ryuu dismissed Kai for his diminutive size and recklessness, and Kai disliked Ryuu for his superior attitude. This went on for several years until they finally fought a grueling duel to a standstill, both collapsing to the ground but refusing to admit defeat. After this, they decided they were equals, and determined to become the strongest and best of Sensei Wu’s students. They traded Sake as brothers, and focused on their training.

Ryuu is a confident young man, at 24 he has a surprising grasp of the teachings of Sensei Wu, although he knows he has much to learn. During combat he is focused and relentless, while also being cautious and tactical. He knows when to move and when to back off. He is also constantly aware of his allies, as his brotherhood with Kai has made him habitually protective and defensive of others.

Outside of combat, Ryuu likes to kick back and party. He’s a bit of a goof off, impish and fun. He has a growing blade collection, and a tendency to take any sharp or impressive blades off those he defeats.

Anything you can do, Ryuu can do better, and he knows it. Sometimes brash and arrogant, mostly it’s simply a drive to be the best he can be. Fun loving and devastating, he’s a good man to befriend, and a bad man to antagonize.

Ryuunosuke Kurosawa

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