Dcn. Ini-Herit Seif

Upstanding priest and pact-making heretic.


Ini-Herit Seif joined the Church of Pelor upon reaching 16. As the third son to the Seif Desert Trading Company, Ini-Herit stood to inherit none of his family’s wealth. Silently bitter about his misfortune, Ini-Herir found the priesthood offered moderate status for an educated young man with no monetary prospects. The faith comforted but didn’t fulfill the young man.

The religious education offered little in the way of enlightenment, until a class on heresy piqued his interest in the occult. Ini-Herit used the great library of the temple to assemble a rudimentary understanding of pact magic. He memorized every symbol and name he could find in the archives of old inquisitions and discourses on the subject. All too soon he found himself ordained and assigned to the Temple of The Dawnstar in Hestaria as a humble attendant.

Ini-Herit bound his first vestige not long thereafter.

The experience was intoxicating, awakening an ambition that had long lay dormant beneath despair and dissuasion in Ini-Herit. The vestiges spoke to him, yet Pelor never did.

In time, Ini-Herit became a deacon of good repute for his fairness and grace… but not for any miracles. A few murmured about his bright future as a sunspeaker. Not one suspected the clergyman’s secret source of strength.

He joined the White Dragons to begin laying ground for a new future. The humble status of a clergy would not suffice. A new reputation would be necessary and the temple schedule only inhibited his pact making.

Now he struggles to serve his burning ambitions while serving those who look to him for their hope.

His eldest brother, Khufu, inherited the company at his father’s passing while the middle brother, Jefar, became a member in good standing of the King’s guard.

After many dark years of passionless ambition, consumed with self loathing, Seif discovered a new reason for living – protecting his White Dragon companions. Convinced of their helplessness caught in between the conflict of two brothers, Seif elected to turn his life over to this new purpose.

Believing himself beyond redemption, Seif discovered love for others and sacrificed himself for the one part of his embittered life that brought hope into his life.

Dcn. Ini-Herit Seif

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