Sensei Wu

Aged Ninja


A human man seemingly on his last legs of life. However, whenever he acts he moves with surprising speed and strength. His eyes are dark brown almost black and he seems to perceive everything all at once. He wears a light grey robe tied with a simple black cloth belt and he caries a small 3 foot cane that he uses to walk with.


No one knows Sensei’s true identity. He showed up in Hestaria 10 years ago with a bag of gold he used to open a dojo and take in students. Over the years he has trained several well known martial artists of different disciplines. Wu never seems to get sick or tired, he is constantly working with his students to make them the best fighters possible. His teaching style borders torture (and sometimes crosses it) but the results are undeniable. Sensei Wu seems to have many contacts around the city and is sometimes visited by officials.

Sensei Wu

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