Theia Harper

Traveling songstress (and Arcanist)


Half Elf Sorceress


Theia’s earliest memory is of her mother leaving. She sat on the bed in their tiny living space, listening as her father begged her not to go, he would change, he was coming into money soon. It was all empty words and her mother knew it, so she left. Theia always wondered why she didn’t take her daughter with her. Perhaps Theia reminded her to much of her father, they both shared the same curly red hair and light green eyes, the same ability to talk their way out of trouble. Or perhaps she just didn’t know how to raise a half human child. Whatever the reason Theia spent the next 16 years with her father, by his side through every scheme and scam, every ‘this will change everything’ moment. But it never changed, it never would and neither would he. So finally Theia left, listening to the same tired plea’s her mother had ignored so many years before.

It was only a short month after that when her powers began to manifest. She awoke to the smell of burning leaves to find that she had set her tiny camp site ablaze. At first she thought she had just forgotten to snuff out her camp fire, but then it happened again a week later, this time while staying at an inn. She lied and told the Inn keeper it was a candle that had been knocked over that started the blaze, but she avoided Inns for a while after that. Slowly she began to understand her small command of magic, and as she practiced more of it came to her, the way walking comes to child.

It was just before her 18th birthday that the silver pattern on her skin began to appear. At first she was panicked, thinking it some horrible rash or illness. She sought out a local healer, who was more spooked then helpful, telling her it looked like ‘demon nonsense’ to him. Not sure what else to do she began hiding the markings, covering it up with cloth and powders.

Theia wandered, taking small jobs here and there, managing to make it by. One day during her travels she heard a ruckus on the road ahead. She quickly left the road, seeking the shelter of the near by tree’s to hide her approach, curious as to what was going on. Soon she saw a man that can only be described as a brigand, harassing a traveler on his way from one town to the next. At first it seemed he had plans to rob the traveler and be on his way, but when he brandished a knife it became obvious the knave had more sinister things in mind. Theia , not knowing what else to do, sprang from the tree line and began throwing whatever she could at the highwayman (magically speaking of course). The thief never knew what hit him.

She spent the next year travelling with Liam, a wandering bard who never got tired of telling the story of her brave rescue of his valuables and person (though he always made it sound more heroic then it actually was). Liam taught her a lot. How to play the lute, and to sing a little. Most importantly to not hide her markings, that at this point where beginning to prove almost impossible to conceal. It was a good year, but all good things must come to an end. Liam, dashing rouge that he was, met the woman of his dreams and so his wandering had reached its finale chapter. Theia continued on however, glad for her friends happiness, but not able to say and be on the outskirts of it, like some ghost of a time that had past.

And so the months go by and Theia sings and makes merry, until she has enough to move to the next town. Her travels soon take her to the outskirts of a tent city, nestled in the middle of an ocean of hot sand and she wondered what will await her here.

Theia Harper

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