Estin, The Celestial City

Meloditty in the Meantime...
After the Battle of the Dragon

After the victory against the dragon and the half-dragon army, Ditty composed a song about the battle. It was a long ballad, describing the details of the flying machine raining fire on the half-dragon army, the epic fight with the dragon, and even Urlag’s fight with the half-dragon general. She wrote it down and sent a copy of it to Darvin, along with the memorial song about Sin and his great sacrifice, and another song about the people of the deep mines. She liked the idea of more people in the world hearing about their adventures, and listening to her songs.

After some time resting and recovering from the battle, the time came to return the engine to the Dwarves of Minorah. Ditty and Nabal travelled to Minorah with the pieces of the flying machine and the engine, which was thankfully intact. Ditty liked Nabal, and enjoyed the journey with him, even though he sometimes seemed annoyed with her constant singing and lute playing! The pair returned the engine, signing many more stacks of documents upon its return. Ditty visited the eccentric dwarf tinker and told him all about the success of the flying machine, their experience in the deep mines, and the battle with the dragon.

Nabal asked for Ditty’s help with another task, and Ditty agreed, excited for another adventure! The two adventurers travelled to a part of the woods inhabited by birdlike creatures who loved “shiny” things and were hardier than they looked. Ditty had recently discovered how to perform a new spell where she hypnotized the birds, who immediately became motionless and mesmerized by the hypnotic pattern. She kept enchanting the birds while Nabal furiously ­­­­­­­­­fought them. Nabal and Ditty discovered a large supply of treasure. Nabal took most of it, but Ditty found a particularly rare and special belt that she kept for herself.

Nabal and Ditty parted ways, and Ditty was hungering for more adventure. It would no longer suffice to just sing and perform in taverns. She wanted to be part of more adventures! She travelled across the sea to Hestaria and joined the White Dragons guild for several months. She loved being part of a team, and being sent on missions where her skills could really be put to use. During her stay in Hestaria, Ditty never forgot her friends Erixymachus and Nabal, and frequently sent “sendings” to tell them of her life and keep in touch. While Ditty enjoyed the challenges of being part of a guil­­d, she didn’t feel like she connected to this group the way she did with Sin, Erixymachus, Nabal, and Urlag. She missed them dearly. Almost a year after their battle with the dragon, Ditty wanted to see Erixymachus and Nabal again. She quit the guild, and began to make her way to Estin to see them.


An intake of breath, a moment to assess, a heartbeat to choose.

No grandiosity, no zeal.

Just a boy locked in combat with the oppressor of a broken, timid world he could not stand to see victorious.

It was over in an instant as a blast of frigid dragon breath swept over him.

Sin died as he lived.


To the end.

Leaving the Earth

Sin’s golden eyes lit up as he approached the flying machine. A wave of serenity – a respite from frustration at all these mountain peoples – washed over him, cleansing his mind and body.

The mocking sermons of the elder, the pleading with timid cavedwellers wrapped up in empty promises to no one, and the foolish sacrifice of Urlaag… None of it mattered anymore.

This was why he left the monastery. This grand and foolish mission and others like it.

He had embraced his new found role in this magnificent play of sinew and spirit. He left the monastery intending to be a servant – but found the world needed a torchbearer. Someone to battle the dark, bodiless powers of apathy and defeat. Someone to inspire the oppressed and downtrodden to conquer their fleeting time on this earth. Someone to act without hesitation or reservation.

The arrogance of his claims gnawed at his insides, but his fiery purpose would not be cowed.

Let all here witness this mere boy and his desperate attempt to divert fate.

The Greater Good

This is not how I expected my career to go. I thought I’d travel the world, protecting important people and saving innocent civilians. I guess I’m still doing that in a way, but I wasn’t expecting to be caught in the middle of a war with dragons. And now it looks like I’ll be spending the rest of my life in the deep mines? Shit… Is this really a good idea? I suppose it’s for the greater good in the end. If I hadn’t volunteered, we never would have gotten an audience with the Elder and the people of Minorah would be hopeless.

But what about me? I’ve spent my life worrying about others, rarely taking the time to consider my own wishes. Assuming I life through the battle, will I really be happy in the mines? Will they accept me as one of their own? I have to admit that the sense of adventure is appealing, but it’ll be a completely new life for me. I’ll be the one who needs protecting, at least at first. Those miners are something to behold, especially the Elder. If I ever have half his strength, I’ll be lucky. I’ll need their help to survive down there. Maybe in time, it’ll be my job to help out the newcomers and to protect them from Drow, and gricks, and svirfneblins, and tarrasques… I suppose I could get used to that.

To Certain Doom

Going to the deep mine was a choice that I dont think any one person made. We as a group thought that this was going to be an easier task than what it was. Oh, there were challenges, there was danger, I almost died. But that wasnt the hard part.

We arrived in the deep mine and were not so much greeted as visitors as those who were down there thought we would be staying. They lost one of their own. Perhaps the one who would have helped us the most. Now we need to find a way to get a group of them, even two or three would be sufficient to fight this coming battle.

Although, coming down here lends itself to finding a treasure trove that is worth the trip by itself, now I just need to find what would be most beneficial to take back to the surface, assuming this party doesnt come apart sooner than I need it to.

Getting what We Need

This Band of so called heroes have convinced the Dwarves of Dratel to lend us their engine to complete the flying machine. It seems strange that asking for this technology actually worked. Ditty is much more masterful than I could have given her credit for.

When I found out that Eryximachus could have saved one of my fellow dragonborn and didnt. I dont know. I am unsure as to how much I can trust this party right now. We will have to see what else comes our way. For now I trust them in battle, but will have to pay closer attention to what happens next.

On the flying machine, uh, I uh. I must have had some food that was more than unpleasant. I have been on ships in a storm on the great seas and never felt such discomfort. Hopefully the rest of this trip fairs better for my stomach and mind.

Urlag and Sin, these two strange characters are seemingly obsessed with this child’s game – Wizards the Magicking. I am not sure why this game holds such appeal to them, but when there is time enough for a rest these two will play it at most opportunities. I will have study the game more and see if learning it may prove profitable.

Ditty Adventure Log

Ditty was used to singing and performing in front of crowds. She loved it when she had all the attention, and could sing and dance. She had never been nervous for a performance. But when she stood in front of the council of dwarves with an auditorium filled with people, she was more nervous than she’d ever been before. The stakes were high. If she couldn’t convince the dwarves to grant her party use of the engine, the entire town of Menora could perish under siege. She struggled to find the confidence that she had when she performed. She had prepared what to say, and she did her best.

When she found out that over half of the dwarf council voted in her favor, Meloditty couldn’t contain her joy. Her heart swelled with joyful music! When she stepped out into the crowd, people were waiting with bated breath. She pulled out her lute, and played dramatic chords to reflect this wonderful news. And the crowd all cheered! This is what Ditty lived for!

When flying in the flying machine, high above the earth, Ditty felt the music of the wind and the sky. She had to concentrate on the complicated mechanism of the gears of steering, but she still enjoyed the breeze and the breathtaking views. She was grateful her background as a tinker’s daughter came in handy, and her skills could be put to good use!

After an exhausting time flying the flying machine, Ditty fell sound asleep, snoring melodically. When they were attacked by half-dragons in the night, Ditty jumped up from her sleep, prepared to join in! She shot the attackers with her crossbow, shouted words of encouragement to her companions, and healed them with her song. When she climbed down from the flying machine, a fierce half-dragon approached and breathed fire on her, and she fell unconscious. Everything was dark…

She woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and well. Her friends helped to heal her, stabilize her and laid her down to rest. She felt grateful to have them there with her. And it’s amazing what a good night’s rest can do! Ditty smiled. She felt so alive, and so vibrant! She was ready to fly this machine the rest of the way! They have a town to save!


Sin seethed.

Some small, aloof part of him noted his response was most un-monk-like. The Ying order valued serenity and a level head through both peace and conflict. How disappointing this reaction would have been to the Abbot and his instructors.

Nevertheless, fury smoldered in his golden eyes.

These dwarves! So content and passive in their mountain home when dragons gathered so close. The scripture of Tiamat was quite clear – dragons have a divine right to all the gold, land, and mortals they can subdue, and a mandate to pursue these ends till their last breath. Sin suspected even a sturdy city of stone like Dretal would become a graveyard of ash and frost when the dragons finished their grisly conquest.

Grisly, yet purposeful.

Majestic, even.

The thought took Sin’s breath away. This new faith of the dragons intrigued him. It tapped into a primal passion his monk training had convinced him antithetical to their mission of observance.

He could be a part of that grand purpose.

Dragon slayer.

Or retainer.

He just wasn’t quite sure which yet.

Why do any of this?

Disappointment was all Eryximachus could feel as he and Sin walked away from the dwarven authority. This is such a simple matter. All they need is either help or an engine. Just one thing. With a sigh, Eryximachus was able to internally admit that just because the shopping list was short, didn’t make acquiring it simple. Apparently.

As he walked behind Sin and observed the youth’s agitation, he remembered why it wasn’t worth the time to rely on people. The world of people only wants what it can get out of you. Defending innocent others? That hardly a motivation, even for the religious. Apparently.

Though it was not like this was a new realization. Eryximachus could still remember the moment he decided he was also done helping others for nothing. A lack of charity usually didn’t engender charity. The sorcerer thought a moment. Why help anyone?

This thought could only be shrugged off for a moment. Even after explaining to Ditty a new diplomatic plan – one that would put Eryximachus in a vulnerable position – a nagging bitterness failed to leave him. Why do any of this? For this ungrateful lot that he wandered away from about a decade ago.

As time passed, bringing them closer to executing their final try – their final plea for generosity and assistance, Eryximachus sunk deeper into apathy.

It didn’t bother him much at all really. If that boy back Minora he had spoken to was frozen to death by Whiston’s brother. He would have only grown up to be a disappointing, base, and selfish excuse of a sentient being. Was it hypocritical to denounce selfishness and isolationist practices at this point? For Eryximachus, yes, unequivocally. – but, he had gone down this route before – trying to be the change he wanted to see. It was a worthless pursuit.

Ends and Means

Urlag was all for escorting the crazy, eccentric Tavian (spelling?) down some dark tunnels to mine some dangerous material. It’s for missions like these that he got into bodyguarding. Go exciting places, help innocent people, and fight off terrible creatures. But this whole, stealing-a-priceless-prototype-from-noble-dwarves-then-blow-up-their-warehouse-to-then-use-a-flying-machine-to-maybe-get-a-bead-on-the-dragons-lair plan just doesn’t sit right with him.

Urlag doesn’t claim to be a saint. He’s killed people before. It’s just this skullduggery doesn’t seem to justify the payoff. Perhaps it is for the “greater good”, but it seems to be doing more harm than anything else. Sin and Eryximachus’ diplomacy tactics also fell flat, all the while the dragons are furthering their evil machinations. Maybe they’ve already returned to Minorah and frozen it solid. Had we not been twiddling our thumbs in the mines, we could have been there to help. Or prevented the attack all together.

If Ditty and Eryximachus’ plan fails again, Urlag will head back North with Sin or alone, if necessary, to do what he can elsewhere. There is no way he will let those people down in their moment of need.


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