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  • Lyle Windarion, The White Dragon

    Once a great adventurer, Lyle was severely wounded on a mission given to him by the king. After the mission, he retired from his guild and created his own. After a decade, the guild became quite renowned.

  • Head Recruiter Targen

    Targen served with Lyle on different missions throughout the years but never had the ambitions that Lyle had. When Lyle opened his own guild, one of the first people he recruited was Targen because of his known loyalty and skill. Targen is generally …

  • Lapis Hardis

    Orphaned at a young age due to a small plague that swept the city, Lapis was forced into one of the few orphanages in Hestaria. As he aged he learned many hard life lessons about the perceptions people have of people of low birth. Lapis usually uses humor …

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