A touch of fever

In the city of Hestaria the strongest guild is The White Dragons. Led by the renowned Lyle Windarion, The White Dragon a retired adventurer, the guild has performed hundred of jobs for the city and it’s inhabitants. The guild has several different kinds of members from secretaries, to spies and strong fighters. Most members of the guild have some kind of combat training. Every adventurer has to start somewhere and there is no better start, than The White Dragons.

Act 1:
The party, all relatively new members to the guild have been placed together to search the sewers for a pair of lost sewer workers. Against all expectations, the party found a sabotaged sewer pipe and an ooze. The party deftly defeated the ooze and found a man controlling the monster. In an ensuing chase, the culprit was lost behind an iron barrier and the party was forced to turn back. Most of the party contracted a strange disease immune to divine magic.

The party was sent to follow a lead to a tavern called The Dark Vision, home to a vicious street gang called The Darkeyes. Chaos ensued as the party broke into the secret base and defeated the 3 leaders of the gang. Inside the inner sanctum, the party found a young woman, known only as The Oracle, with pale white skin chained to the wall. She was possessed by some being that released it’s control when the party made itself known. The party freed the Oracle from her prison and returned her to the safety of the guild hall.

After a short rest, the party was ordered to seek out a potential Orc raiding party. But when they learned rumors of a missing guild member that was sent to investigate the sewers they disobeyed orders and mounted a rescue mission. The team ventured into the sewers, past the iron barrier and found Head Recruiter Targen strapped to an arcane battery that was draining his magical energy. When they tried to free him, undead swarmed them. The party could sense a powerful presence nearby and rushed to free Targen. They were successful, but at a cost. Two members fell to the undead swarm. Ultimately, they succeeded and Targen used the stored power of the battery to defeat the powerful lich that had captured him.

What was left of the party returned to the guild hall with Targen in tow. It turned out that Lyle had battle the lich, Asmodan, once before but was reticent to fight once again. The party convinced Lyle that he should take up the fight once again and went out to the elvish grove of Quehara to retrieve an artifact to restore Lyle’s arm, recruiting 2 new members in the process. The party met with Gaebrith Runvanta and he had another elf lead them to the tomb. After recovering the artifact from the tomb, Gaerbrith sent them on their way requesting that their guide join the party’s adventure.

Act Two: Tough Choices

Upon returning to Hestaria, the team was sent north to learn more about the magic being used to support the ritual. The northern research facility shared all the information they knew but the party was then faced with 3 tough choices. First, to stop an Orc assault on Quehara, second to rescue hostages from the enemy or finally to answer an emergency call from Lyle. The team split in two, ignoring the call from Lyle and instead went to the other areas.

A touch of fever

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