Factions of Estin

Estin is home to many different political factions all vying for power in the city. Having the right influence with the right factions can make or break your goals in the city.

The Blue Bloods: The different noble families of the city. The leaders of this faction are members of the families that originally founded Estin thousands of years ago (or so they say at least). These families hold a lot of influence in the city guard.

The Pantheon: This faction is made up of several high ranking clerics from the different sects. Their primary goal is controlling the policies of the city and they hold a lot of sway with the grand council. They are very secretive with their power structure and very few people know the heads of the faction.

The Deadmen: This faction serves the ideals of the poor in the crypts. The structure of the city makes it too difficult to allow them back in the city but The Deadmen work to get them proper food and protection from the dangers of the crypt. Known association with this faction can have negative repercussions with other prominent factions.

The Goldsmiths: This faction oversees all trade in the city. They have a lot of connections with traders and mercenary groups in the area and across the continent. Money is power in this faction and adventurers can find themselves swept away in the current of trade and bribery needed to gain influence.

The Masons: A secret society of builders and crafters that hold little direct influence in politics. But it is believed the members have been secretly guiding the formation of the city since it’s beginnings millennia ago. The faction has secret meetings and is steeped in long and complicated rituals.

The Harpers: Another secret society that is dedicated to the control and safe use of magic, both arcane and divine. They work in autonomous cells that may not even know of the existence of any other cells unless they run into them by accident. The only way to join the Harpers is to be inducted by a current member.

Factions of Estin

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