Estin, The Celestial City

Personal Space

As soon as Eryximachus saw the marks on his neck, an uneasy shiver ran under his skin. The sensation reminded him of plants he observed when he was young that would recoil when touched. The sorcerer had always had a preference for personal space, and so it was especially alarming that somehow, three times now, people had decided it was acceptable to touch him while he slept!

He cringed and frowned, instantly feeling the need for a bath. He didn’t feel victimized necessarily. Just flustered and uncomfortable. Neither blood, nor fables about the evils of vampires threatened him. He just wanted his damn space.

Before long, his tensions were warmed and eased by the bath house, which he was becoming more and more attached to during his stay in Estin. It was a luxury that the man had forgotten while in the mountains. As he washed, he cringed whenever the thought of Melander’s bite crossed his mind. Though soon, he was reminded of the ever touchy and affectionate Fellocha. A subtle smile came to his mind as he remembered how reflexively angry and awkwardly tongue-tied he would become whenever she surprised him with back scratches. She would only ever laugh at his reactions.

Even though the two interactions were different, it gave Eryximachus the ability to get some distance from his discomfort. Blood for rent? That was fair. If Eryximachus wished for another arrangement, he could just discuss the matter with Melander. Simple enough.

As soap came back over where the bite had been, his thoughts began to swill towards curiosity. Eryximachus had been put under the impression that a vampire’s bite was much more dangerous than experience suggested. How much of what he ever read or heard was true about their kind?

Well…from what happened with Anytus’ arrival at the temple the sunlight myths seem true enough. However, his bite….I’ve clearly not been made evil from it. There seems to be no change at all really…and wait…an undead being the head of Nerull’s temple? So…the Death God is fine with some avoiding death?

With a contented sigh, Eryximachus enjoyed his bath and musings about the temple for a while longer before the long day ahead of him unfolded.



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