Estin, The Celestial City

The Perfect Place

Sin smiled pleasantly as he sat cross-legged in the tiny cell. In between brief conversations with the other prisoners, and the elder kobold coming to pick out more victims, he had had plenty of time for what may have been the best, most relaxing meditation he had ever experienced.

Not only that, but after a brief time with the brave but ultimately boastless Douglas Sin found himself in the perfect place to wait for more candidates to arrive – the dungeons of Whiston the dragon tyrant himself! Providence!

After much consideration, it seemed none of the prisoners or the kobolds had the essential flame of heroism within them. Kindling perhaps – which may yet be lit by a spark of action, his learning told him – but no fire. Given the opportunity he would try to draw forth just a little warmth and a little light from these sad, huddled people.

Who knows? Maybe it would catch!

More meditation. So peaceful!

Why, it was almost as good as his first lesson at the monastery when they placed him, just a year into the order, at the foot of a mountain. The task had been to climb to the peak of the mountain, barefoot, and understand his suffering and potential sacrifice would be only the beginning of wisdom concerning the journey and trials of a hero.

As he sat at the peak, much as he did now, with the icy winds playing across his bare shoulders he began to understand the burden of destiny.

Ah ha!

A fierce looking man called into the cave offering a truce or mercy – Sin hadn’t heard him start speaking. The kobolds would have none of it, however. Bravery and loyalty, albeit selfish, found even from the most humble of creatures. Beautiful.

A halfling snuck into the cage and tried to gain Sin’s attention. The least Sin could do was ignore him so as not to draw the Kobold’s ire. When the halfling began picking the lock a battle began! Heroes had arrived at last!

These kobolds would not be the real test of these newcomers, however, and Sin would gladly aid and observe them until they came face to face with the trial of ice and teeth. He could hardly wait.



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