Kai Ren

A Fun Loving Ninja with an authority problem. (Deceased)


Kai stands approximately 5’6", and wears a traditional black ghi and belt. He also has a deep crimson scarf wrapped around his neck, which he pulls up over his nose at times. He carries a variety of thrown weapons, twin katana across his back, and any manner of diversionary and tactical items. He may also have any contents of his companions backpacks on him as well. Over this considerable ensemble, he wears a black longcoat with white trimming. A dragon tattoo crawls along his right arm, and his coat is lined with pockets and compartments.


Orphaned at a young age, Kai begged and fought with other street boys from city to city, but always ended up being pushed to a new location. He ended up in Hestaria at the age of 9, where he was taken in by Sensei Wu, an old Master in the martial arts and teacher of an esteemed dojo.

Trained in the art of Ninjitsu, Kai was raised on honor, authority and respect. Only one problem. Kai really doesn’t get on well with authority. He sees authority as a challenge to be surmounted, not a position to be respected. This stems partially from the teaching style of Master Wu, who would constantly set Kai up against much more experienced students to teach him about failure.

Having grown up partially on the streets, Kai has a bit of a klepto streak, constantly borrowing things from others. He respects others possessions though, and would never take anything permanently.

Since he’s always had some trouble as a kid, Kai has grown up a bit reckless, not thinking too much before getting into trouble, although his innate skill as a ninja always sees him through it.

Kai Ren

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