Estin, The Celestial City

Before the UnderDark

Meloditty is worried

Meloditty started nervously playing her lute again. It’s a weird nervous habit, and she usually doesn’t even realize that she is doing it until someone asks her to stop. There was just so much to be nervous about! Ditty and the rest of the party were about to enter into the UnderDark to the location of the MotherBrain of the MindFlares. The way they got the location was extremely unsettling. Ditty continued to feel the pit in her stomach that won’t go away, thinking about how they kidnapped and probed the mind of that young boy last night. And now they were going to have to face MindFlares! Ditty had never seen these creatures before, and had only heard of them from songs and stories, all of which made them out to seem nasty and terrifying. And they were going into the heart of their lair, or whatever they call it. Ditty not only feared for her own safety, but that of her friends, especially Keld, who was still training, and might not be ready for this, and Lionel Esper, who she feared she was leading to his death. She wasn’t romantically interested in him in the slightest, but she doesn’t want him killed! She feels a little guilty that the only reason he was throwing himself into harm’s way was for her. If he was hurt or killed, she would have a hard time living with herself. Or facing Duke Esper afterwards… Ditty started nervously playing her lute again, and tried to breathe deeply and prepare herself for the challenge ahead. Here we go!



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