Estin, The Celestial City

Musings and confusion

Gabriel Gray

Having freshly returned to society, I find myself unfortunately in a group with people that I simply just don’t understand; a hunter of sorts – One axe-wielding, bi-polar barbarian – and some girl that I’m not exactly sure how to take just yet.

The hunter baffles me because he looks evil, but claims to be on a righteous crusade to save the world from his brother. Personally, I believe him to be a confused little boy with unresolved family issues, and a dark side that he doesn’t hide very well. I mean, he tried to become a slave owner and defended the action under the auspices that they would be paid, even though the pair clearly had no intention of accepting pay and felt like slaves to begin with. He’s also shown himself to be moderately racist against Humans. I’ve considered killing him in the name of Trithereon, so that the evil in his heart (and apparently, family lineage) doesn’t spread into the world, but until he actually completes an evil act, I must believe that Trithereon is trying to show him a better way, perhaps through my good deeds. If not, it shouldn’t prove difficult to smite his wickedness from the world, considering that he can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn with an arrow, on a clear day. How has he not taken up farming instead of archery? I digress…

The uncouth barbarian seems to be even more mentally unstable. I’ve heard him speak of a “merry-go-round made of decapitated heads” (what the heck is a merry-go-round anyhow?) but then moments later will be heard trying to spout logic and talking of trust. He seems to be so confused that, at times, it confuses me. How does one go about dealing with someone like this? I fear that someday this man will fall to lunacy and commit unspeakable acts of horror and devastation. I’m certainly having my moral compass tested with this group of “Good Guys.” Hopefully he doesn’t try to snuggle with what seemed at the time to be a rabid bear again.

The latest addition to the group is definitely quirky. She appears very aloof, but has proven invaluable, and thank Trithereon. The 2 I spoke of above can’t seem to get it together, but at least this one seems to have some clue about how to get things done. We brought her in because the group has been desperately short of arcane knowledge. She also claimed to be very stealthy, and has proven a great asset, but only time will tell if this bit of faith in our new found companion is well placed.



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