Estin, The Celestial City

Today is a Good Day to . . . Hide

Nabal, when are you going to learn your lesson. Stop running head first into things you barely understand all for the sake of what? My Friends of course! But are they really worth dying for? Are you sure that you would be doing this if you werent with them? Probably not, but this appears to be where the gods have pointed me.

Perhaps I should give up this fools errand. After this I might need to go back to the desserts, go back to the storms. At least out there I know how to live. I am not sure if I survive this I will be content to continue to survive here in the cities unless something changes. Unless I change .
We need to stop being goaded into fixing this cities problems. Centuries of wealth and religion have done so much harm that this action we are about to do, I fear, will only be a forestalling of the inevitable.

At the end of the day it appears to only matter that who we want to win wins, and I am not sure that is even the best course of action. But look at me, a thief and a forger having these philosophical thoughts, as if what we do could change the world, or even this small part of it.

WE must triumph if only to increase our reputation and cement our position as unflappable hero’s worthy of some respect in this world, or the next. So friends, I ask you. Let us be brave not for this city, not for any great cause, but for each other.



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