Temples of Estin

Temple of Pelor: The first to settle in the area on the northeast riverbank. The settlers built along the river with simple wooden dwellings at first. They primarily fish for food and get crops in trade from smaller settlements to the south. They are currently led by Marton Heistal a Red Dragonborn Paladin.

Temple of Kord: The second temple to settle in the area at the request of the follows of Pelor. They settled and build large walls nearby the other settlement so that the settlers had a safe area to retreat in case of a crisis. They are currently led by a Dwarf names Burton Longhammer.

Temple of Ehlonna: Following shortly after the Kord settlers, a group of elves settled on the western bank of the the river. They magically grew trees to live in, discovering the innate divine power in the area. They are currently led by an Elf Druid named Yalla Heartstring.

Temple of Boccob: Settling simultaneously with the temple of Beory, they settled next to the Kord and Pelor settlements and established research towers to study the divine empowerment in the area. Most of the settlers came from Kenta but this was prior to the non-human expulsion. They are currently being led by the Human sorceress Emelia Astra.

Temple of Beory: Settles by Humans and Halflings that wanted to live with the elves. Even now they are simple folk know to hold harvest festivals and celebrate the change of seasons. They are currently led by the Halfling Markus Hazelfoot.

Temple of Heironeous: Settling sometime after the temples of Boccob and Beory, they settled in part to deal with orcish raiders from the northern mountains. Together with the settlers of Kord they formed a standing army that later became the modern day “Cloaks”. They are currently led by a Human paladin named Adam Hymdal.

Temple of St. Cuthbert: Settling after the war with the orcs the settlers were mostly craftsmen and tradesmen that the fledgling city had been lacking. This settlement holds the grand market which is know known throughout the continent as second only to the grand market in the City of Gold. They are currently led by the Human Cleric St. Mira, said to have been chosen as the avatar of St. Cuthbert.

Temple of Rao: Some time later, settlers from several different monestaries around the continent traveled and settled in the northeastern forest. They build grand monasteries and generally live in collectives rather than individual homes. They are currently led by the Half-Elf Lexus Brightwing.

Temple of Pholtus: Settling around the same time as the Rao settlers, they brought a more industrial touch to the southern bank. Their grand courthouses would later be used by the “Cloaks” when they captured would be criminals. They are cureently led by the Dwarf paladin Dera Stonehold.

Temple of Nerull: The final settlement in the area and the primary reason the other settlements banded together for a joint government. The dark temple was built on the southeast bank across from the temple of Pelor. They built the most expansive catacombs of any of the temples and even worked to connect the others. It is said that deep under the river they built tunnels that connect to two sides of the city underground. They are currently led by a Human vampire Melander Heskal. It is said he was granted eternal life by Nerull for his devotion.

Temples of Estin

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